At this point I would like to thank some nice people without whose support I would not have been able to create my website like it is now:

my son Tobias who programmed and constructed this website (incl. shop).

my son Sebastian for helping me with the issue of the general terms of business and for reading the proofs.

many thanks also to Mr. Heinz Jenuwein, who has always been willing to answer my questions concerning the culture of tropical/subtropical useful plants, resulting from his own experience over many years.

my special thanks are addressed to my dear friends Jean Jacques (La Réunion), Alison (Australia/Queensland) and Edilson (Brazil), for their continuously supplying me with photos.

also many thanks to Mark Stebbins, author of the book 'Flowering trees of Florida', for kindly placing many photos at my disposal.

many thanks to Fabrice le Bellec for the permission to use the photos of his book "Tropical Fruits - THE COMPENDIUM". (Grand merci, Fabrice!)

Thanks a lot to Professor Yoshiaki Yoneda for the possibility to expand my 'Impressions' by many photos of the family of Convolvulaceae!

my special thanks to Linda of Mercer Arboretum in Houston/Texas, who is sharing my passion for the ginger family and who gave the photos of her extensive collection at my disposal.

also many thanks to:

Yonkee Kim, Thailand
Jim West, Ecuador
Jörg Pein, Thailand
Rosemary, Australia
Werner Donath
Markus Abel
Mike, USA
Victor, Canada
Alan Bradshaw, USA
Leo Michels, Germany
George, Malaysia
Daryl O'Connor, Australia
Christian D., Brazil
Junjie, Philippines
Gerd Schrader, Spain
Bob, Jamaica
Kazuo Yamasaki, Japan
Dr. Frieda Billiet, Belgium
Ulrich Herzog, Deutschland
Pietro Pavone, Italy
Charles S. Lewallen, USA
Hubertus Nimsch, Germany
Terry, New Zealand
Kim Bridges, USA
Charles T. DeFrance, USA
Clément Duret, La Réunion
Luis Bacher, Brazil
Minguo Li, China
William Tseng, Taiwan
John Clinton, USA
James Manhart, USA
Ken Cook, USA
Kenneth McClymont (BRAIN), Australia
Andre Williams, Barbados
Marcos Capelini, Brazil
Maurizio Vecchia, Italy
Robert Green, USA
Dan Tenaglia, USA
Rainer Oberle, Germany
Frédéric Thournay, France
Diethard H. Storch, Germany
Paul, Papua-Newguinea
Michael J. Schumacher, University of Arizona
Dominique Vercammen, Belgium
Wendy Ronald, New Zealand
Claude Francois, Mauritius
Elena Montez, Venezuela
Claire Legrand, Madagascar
John Okuamba, Kenya
Paul Kneebone, Great Britain
Sherley R. Denton, USA
John Richmond, Great Britain
Michael, USA
Gaby Schulemann, Germany
Mirko, Costa Rica
Albert Perdeck, USA
Gene Joseph, USA
Arne Larsen, Denmark
Mark, Kenya
Etienne, Belgium
Wynn Anderson, USA
Shigenobu AOKI, Japan
Prof. C. Kameswara Rao, India
Ralph Arvesen, USA
Bill Eddie, USA / Great Britain
Bernice Fischman, USA

...and to all other friends as well as public institutions at home and abroad for kindly supporting my work!

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