The botanical nomenclature is a very complicated part of botany and - because of reasons I do not want to explain here - many plants go by different scientific names (synonyms - names which mean the same). Of course, many plant lovers - particularly those who are just starting with this passion - are mislead when they see for example two plants which look identical but bear different names.

As I am not interested in supporting this uncertainty, I intend to avoid listing different names for the same plants. However - nobody is perfect - I am not safe from mistakes. Therefore, you should inform me, if you find some error on my offers. I would be pleased to receive your advice in order to be able to make the corresponding changes.

For your information I have listed some plants with their synonyms. Of course, this list is not complete, but I am going to extend it in time.

Caesalpinia bonducCaesalpinia crista, Guilandina bonduc
Caesalpinia decapetalaBiancaea decapetala, Biancaea sepiaria, Caesalpinia sepiaria, Reichardia decapetala
Caesalpinia spinosaPoinciana spinosa, Tara spinosa, Caesalpinia tinctoria, Caesalpinia pectinata u.a.
Cajanus cajanCytisus cajan, Cajanus bicolor, Cajanus flavus
Calibanus hookeriDasylirion hookeri, Nolina hookeri, Beaucarnea hookeri, Calibanus caespitosus
Calliandra brevipesCalliandra selloi, Acacia selloi, Calliandra yucunensis
Calliandra emarginataInga emarginata
Calliandra eriophyllaCalliandra chamaedrys
Calliandra haematocephalaAnneslia haematocephala, Calliandra inaequilatera
Calliandra parvifoliaCalliandra bicolor, Calliandra falcifera, Calliandra microcalyx, Calliandra peckoltii
Calliandra pittieriAnneslia pittieri
Calliandra schultzeiCalliandra riparia
Calliandra surinamensisAnneslia fasciculata, Inga fasciculata
Callistemon sieberiCallistemon pityoides
Calonyction albumIpomoea alba, Calonyction aculeatum, Ipomoea bona-nox, Convolvulus aculeatus
Calopyxis grandidieriCombretum grandidieri
Camellia japonicaThea japonica
Camellia oleiferaCamellia drupifera, Camellia oleosa
Camellia sinensisThea sinensis
Campsis grandifloraBignonia chinensis
Campsis radicansBignonia radicans
Cananga odorataCanangium fruticosum, Canangium odoratum, Unona odorata, Unona odorata, Uvaria odorata, Uvaria axillaris
Canarina canariensisCanarina campanula
Canavalia ensiformisDolichos ensiformis
Canavalia maritimaCanavalia rosea
Canella winteranaCanella alba
Cardiospermum halicacabumCardiospermum microcarpum
Carica pubescensCarica candamarcensis, Carica chiriquensis
Carica quercifoliaVasconcella quercifolia, Carica acuata, Carica bonplandii, Carica hastaefolia, Carica hastata, Carica quercifolia, Vasconcella lanceolata
Carissa bispinosaCarissa acuminata
Carissa grandifloraCarissa macrocarpa
Cassia abbreviataCassia abbreviata var. granitica,
Cassia alataSenna alata
Cassia angustifoliaCassia acutifolia, Senna alexandrina
Cassia artemisoidesSenna artemisoides
Cassia bicapsularisSenna bicapsularis, Cassia emarginata
Cassia bifloraSenna pallida
Cassia candolleanaSenna candolleana
Cassia covesiiSenna covesii, Senna polyantha
Cassia didymobotryaSenna didymobotrya
Cassia eremophilaSenna nemophila
Cassia fasciculataChamaecrista fasciculata, Chamaecrista deeringiana, Cassia chamaecrista
Cassia floribundaSenna x floribunda
Cassia helmsiiSenna helmsii
Cassia italicaCassia obovata
Cassia multijugaSenna multijuga
Cassia notabilisSenna notabilis
Cassia occidentalisSenna occidentalis
Cassia odorataSenna odorata
Cassia pleurocarpaSenna pleurocarpa
Cassia siameaSenna siamea
Cassia singueanaSenna singueana
Cassia spectabilisSenna spectabilis, Cassia carnaval
Cassia sturtiiSenna sturtii
Catalpa bignonioidesCatalpa syringaefolia, Bignonia catalpa
Cephalanthus occidentalisCephalanthus acuminatus, Cephalanthus berlandieri, Cephalanthus obtusifolius, Cephalanthus oppositifolius
Cercidium floridumCercidium torreyanum, Parkinsonia florida
Cercidium microphyllumParkinsonia microphylla
Cestrum nocturnumCestrum scandens, Cestrum foetidissimum, Chiococca nocturna, Cestrum hirtellum, Cestrum suberosum
Chimonanthus praecoxChimonanthus fragrans, Calycanthus praecox
Chorisia speciosaCeiba speciosa
Chortolirion angolenseHaworthia angolensis
Cinnamomum camphoraLaurus camphora, Camphora officinarum
Cinnamomum zeylanicumCinnamomum verum
Cissus aralioidesVitis aralioides
Cissus opacaVitis opaca
Cissus rotundifoliaCissus quadrangularis, Saelanthus rotundifolius
Cissus tuberosaVitis tuberosa
Clausena anisataClausena abyssinica, Clausena inaequalis
Clavija longifoliaClavija ornata, Theophrasta longifolia
Clerodendrum trichotomumClerodendrum fargesii, Clerodendrum koshunense, Clerodendrum yakusimense, Siphonanthus trichotomus, Siphonanthus yakusimensis
Clianthus formosusSwainsonia formosa
Clivia miniataVallota miniata
Colocasia esculentaColocasia antiquorum var. esculenta, Caladium esculentum
Combretum fruticosumCombretum aurantiacum, Combretum benthamianum, Combretum farinosum, Combretum formosum, Combretum gloriosum, Combretum micropetalum, Gaura fruticosa, Combretum loeflingii, u.v.a.
Cordyline australisDracaena australis
Cordyline indivisaDracaena indivisa
Cordyline terminalisDracaena terminalis
Coreopsis giganteaLeptosyne gigantea, Tuckermannia gigantea
Corypha utanCorypha elata
Couroupita guianensisCouratari pedicellaris, Lecythis bracteata, Pekea couroupita
Cudrania tricuspidataMaclura tricuspidata
Cyphomandra betaceaCyphomandra crassicaulis, Solanum betaceum
Cyphostemma bainesiiCissus bainesii, Vitis bainesii
Cyrtostachys rendaCyrtostachys lakka

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