The botanical nomenclature is a very complicated part of botany and - because of reasons I do not want to explain here - many plants go by different scientific names (synonyms - names which mean the same). Of course, many plant lovers - particularly those who are just starting with this passion - are mislead when they see for example two plants which look identical but bear different names.

As I am not interested in supporting this uncertainty, I intend to avoid listing different names for the same plants. However - nobody is perfect - I am not safe from mistakes. Therefore, you should inform me, if you find some error on my offers. I would be pleased to receive your advice in order to be able to make the corresponding changes.

For your information I have listed some plants with their synonyms. Of course, this list is not complete, but I am going to extend it in time.

Pachira glabraBombacopsis glabra
Pachycormus discolorSchinus discolor, Veatchia discolor, Rhus veatchiana
Pachyrhizus erosusDolichos erosus, Dolichos bulbosus, Cacara erosa, Pachyrhizus angulatus, Pachyrhizus bulbosus
Pachystegia insignisOlearia insignis
Panax ginsengPanax pseudoginseng
Pandanus utilisPandanus spiralis
Pandorea jasminoidesBignonia jasminoides, Tecoma jasminoides
Pandorea pandoranaBignonia australis, Pandorea doratoxylon
Parkia biglandulosaParkia pedunculata
Parkia javanicaParkia roxburghii
Parkinsonia aculeataParkinsonia thornberi
Passiflora actiniaPassiflora paulensis
Passiflora adenopodaPassiflora acerifolia, Passiflora aspera, Passiflora ceratosepala, Passiflora scabra
Passiflora alataPassiflora brasiliana, Passiflora mauritiana
Passiflora amethystinaPassiflora bangii, Passiflora cornuta, Passiflora laminensis, Passiflora lilacina, Passiflora onychina, Passiflora violacea
Passiflora ampullaceaPassiflora hieronymi
Passiflora andinaPassiflora floribunda
Passiflora antioquiensisPassiflora van volxemii
Passiflora arboreaPassiflora glauca
Passiflora aurantiaPassiflora glabra, Passiflora adiantum, Passiflora adiantifolia, Passiflora banksii, Passiflora vitiensis, Passiflora storckii, Passiflora samoensis
Passiflora auriculataPassiflora appendiculata, Passiflora cayaponoides, Passiflora cinerea, Passiflora cryptopetala, Passiflora kegeliana, Passiflora torta, Passiflora rohrii, Passiflora cyathophora
Passiflora bauhinifoliaPassiflora alnifolia
Passiflora bifloraPassiflora glabrata, Passiflora lunata, Passiflora normalis, Passiflora brighami, Passiflora spathulata, Passiflora transversa
Passiflora bryonioidesPassiflora inamoena, Passiflora bryonifolia
Passiflora candidaPassiflora guedesii
Passiflora capsularisPassiflora hassleriana, Passiflora paraguayensis, Passiflora piligera, Passiflora pubescens
Passiflora chrysophyllaPassiflora australis
Passiflora cincinnataPassiflora corumbaensis, Passiflora perlobata
Passiflora cinnabarinaPassiflora muelleriana, Passiflora banksii
Passiflora cirrhifloraPassiflora septenata, Passiflora jenmani
Passiflora coactilisPassiflora mariae
Passiflora coccineaPassiflora fulgens, Passiflora toxicaria, Passiflora velutina
Passiflora coriaceaPassiflora cheiroptera, Passiflora clypeata, Passiflora obtusifolia, Passiflora sexocellata, Passiflora difformis
Passiflora cumbalensisPassiflora ecuadorica, Passiflora glaberrima, Passiflora tungurahuae, Passiflora sparrei
Passiflora cuneataPassiflora bifurca, Passiflora flexicaulis, Passiflora furcata
Passiflora cupreaPassiflora cavanillesii
Passiflora edulisPassifloa gratissima, Passiflora pallidiflora, Passiflora verrucifera, Passiflora rigidula, Passiflora pomifera
Passiflora foetidaPassiflora hirsuta, Passiflora versicaria, Passiflora polyadena, Passiflora variegata
Passiflora glandulosaPassiflora silvicola
Passiflora haematostigmaPassiflora platystyla
Passiflora hahniiPassiflora cookii
Passiflora harlingiiPassiflora colombiana
Passiflora helleriPassiflora fuscinata
Passiflora herbertianaPassiflora biglandulosa, Passiflora distephana, Passiflora verruculosa
Passiflora holosericeaPassiflora reticulata, Passiflora tuxtlensis
Passiflora incarnataPassiflora kerii, Passiflora edulis var. kerii
Paulownia tomentosaPaulowinia imperialis
Peltophorum ferrugineumPeltophorum pterocarpum, Peltophorum inerme
Pereskia aculeataPereskia acardia, Pereskia pereskia, Pereskia undulata, Pereskia rubescens, Cactus pereskia
Pereskia bleoPereskia cruenta, Pereskia panamensis, Rhodocactus corrugatus, Pereskia corrugata, Rhodocactus bleo, Cactus bleo
Pereskia grandifloraPereskia grandifolia, Rhodocactus grandiflorus, Rhodocactus grandifolius
Phaseolus caracallaVigna caracalla
Philenoptera violaceaLonchocarpus capassa
Phoenix reclinataPhoenix pumila
Phormium cookianumPhormium colensoi
Phyllanthus emblicaEmblica officinalis
Phyllostachys heterocycla f. pubescensPhyllostachys edulis
Physalis angulataPhysalis capsicifolia, Physalis lanceifolia, Physalis ramosissima
Physalis peruvianaPhysalis edulis
Pithecellobium dulceInga dulcis, Archidendron dulce
Pithecellobium flexicauleAcacia flexicaulis, Ebenopsis flexicaulis, Ebenopsis ebano
Pleiogynum timorensePleiogynum cerasiferum, Pleiogynum papuanum, Pleiogynum pleiogyna, Pleiogynum solandri
Plumbago capensisPlumbago auriculata
Plumbago indicaPlumbago coccinea, Plumbago rosea
Podranea ricasolianaPandorea ricasoliana, Tecoma ricasoliana
Pongamia glabraPongamia pinnata
Porteranthus stipulatusGillenia stipulata
Pouteria campechianaLucuma nervosa, Lucuma salicifolia
Pouteria hypoglaucaLucuma hypoglauca
Pouteria obovataLucuma obovata
Prosopis julifloraProsopis glandulosa, Mimosa juliflora
Prunus salicifoliaPrunus capuli, Prunus serotina var. salicifolia
Psidium guajavaPsidium pomiferum, Psidium pyriferum
Psophocarpus tetragonolobusPsophocarpus longepedunculatus,Dolichos tetragonolobus, Botor tetragonolobus
Psoralea linearisAspalanthus linearis

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